Guernsey Moore (1874-1925)

Flapper in Shawl and Beads
Flapper in Shawl and Beads

Thomas Guernsey Moore was a talented illustrator, whose artistic designs first graced the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on June 30, 1900. He holds the distinction of designing the first color cover to appear in The Saturday Evening Post. In 1900 he also designed a new style of lettering for The Saturday Evening Post magazine masthead; then in 1904 became the art editor of “The Post”. From 1906 to 1908, he devoted himself largely to producing art for magazines and the advertising trade.

He illustrated sixty-three (63) covers for The Saturday Evening Post with his final cover appearing on January 19, 1924.

Except for a short period in New York, Mr. Moore lived for his entire life in Philadelphia and vicinity. He was an acknowledged authority on lettering, design and decoration.