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Summer Slump


The American Consumer is not spending! This trend has surprised economists who had predicted the warm weather and lower gas prices would stimulate spending in the summer months. Retail sales for June 2015 were down .3% from May, but up 1.4% compared to June 2014. During the first 6 months of 2015 general merchandise sales were up .3% but department stores' sales were down 2.3% during the same period.  All of these results have fallen short of projections. Hopefully the back to school sales during August and September will be strong and continue on through the balance of the year.
According to Gift Beat, their survey for retails sales in May showed 61% of the stores surveyed up or even, leaving 39% down. These numbers are encouraging because they reflect grass root sales in the gift and home sector.
We continue to be positive with the results from the Licensing Show. We left the show encouraged with the quality of our meetings and the urgency to do business. This has carried forward with conversations after the show. We have been able to close more deals with quality companies than in recent history. This is positive for us and a good sign for the future.
The July Atlanta market reports traffic being down. Many think this can be attributed to the timing being over a holiday weekend. I spoke to a few friends and vendors and most told me that even with the traffic down, their numbers equaled last year’s market and several actually showed an increase. The quality buyers were at the show!
I will be attending the NY Now show and I am anxious to see how this market is attended and supported.
As we finalize contracts, we will keep all of you informed about our new licensees.
Please let us hear from you! We are always to help with your design and content needs.


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