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Summer Slow Down

The market continues to set records, leading indicators are good but consumers are not spending their dollars at retail. The US Census reported that retail sales in May fell .3% from April but reflected a 3.8% increase over May 2016. The major increases once again came from Home Improvement/Garden  posting a 10.8 % increase over April. Non-retail store sales also  had an increase of 10.9% . Both of these increases are against strong comps.  The other traditional retail sectors are flat or down. Department stores continue to struggle with no end in sight.
The good news is markets this year continue to be good. The retailers/buyers have positive attitudes and are making commitments for product. The summer slowdown is not unusual and hopefully we will see a strong back to school season and will continue on through Q 4. Barring any major unknown events, there is really no reason why we should not have a good year at retail, it will just continue to not come through traditional channels.
We continue to work on leads and client meeting request from the Licensing Show. We are working with several clients on Christmas 2018.  We continue to uncover new content as well as adapting old. Please let us know how we can help you with content and design. We are eager to help!!
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