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NYC Tabletop Market Encouraging

We just returned from three days of meetings at the New York tabletop show.  41 Madison was quite active and most of the people we spoke with were encouraged. Even though this sector of business has been consolidated and the buyer pool is much smaller, the elevators were busy and the “right” buyers were there to buy. There was no shortage of new introductions and we spotted a few new trends. One of the most obvious trends that appeared in several showrooms was “cabin” or “lodge”. Each company had their own take on the look, but many supported the category. We have already begun pulling content from the Post as well as Country Gentleman to fit  this... we actually feel the

"Country Gentleman" name fittingly describes the look and we are hopeful our licensees will agree and incorporate it as part of their program.

While at the show, we met with our licensee Tabletop Unlimited in their off sight location and reviewed their current offerings which included five counter-top collections from our archives. They always execute well and the assortments looked great. We are anxious to hear how the buyers responded.
Proving the continuing popularity of Norman Rockwell’s art, next month, two more Rockwell originals will hit the auction block in NYC. Christie’s will be offering the original “Willie Gillis on KP” on the 19th of November, and Sotheby’s will be auctioning, “ No Swimming” on the 20th.

These auctions always create a buzz and help bring more attention and interest to Rockwell and his works. This will translate to a positive and renewed interest at retail.
The US Census reported September retail sales down 0.03% from August but up 4.3% from September 2013. Total sales from July’14 through September’14 were up 4.3% against the same period last year. Declining oil prices should stimulate the US Economy and should result in additional dollars to spend at retail during the holidays. Most experts are still expecting holiday sales to increase over last year. Hopefully this will happen and we finish the year strong and retailer will be looking for product during the Q1 markets.  
We are done traveling for the year and will be working fulfilling licensee’s needs with illustrations and designs.  Please let us know if we can help with your needs, we are always happy to help.

Mike Waldner
Director of Licensing
Curtis Licensing

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